Colori Brillanti Patterned series will add an injection of colour to any project. These glazed tiles are available in eight colours and three patterns. Each pattern can be used alone for a repetitive pattern or patterns can be mixed to add further interest. Alternatively consider pairing these tiles with the Colori Brillanti Plain series for a more neutral look.Sold as full boxes 1m2 per box.


130x130mm (1m2/box)

GZ Glazed

Stocked Sizes By Special Order
Night Sky Pattern 1
Night Sky Pattern 2
Night Sky Pattern 3
Black Pattern 1
Black Pattern 2
Black Pattern 3
Blue Pattern 1
Blue Pattern 2
Blue Pattern 3
Grey Pattern 1
Grey Pattern 2
Grey Pattern 3
Green Pattern 1
Green Pattern 2
Green Pattern 3
Lime Pattern 1
Lime Pattern 2
Lime Pattern 3
Orange Pattern 1
Orange Pattern 2
Orange Pattern 3
Purple Pattern 1
Purple Pattern 2
Purple Pattern 3