EXCLUSIVE ITALIAN HIGH PERFORMANCE ADHESIVE - All Kerakoll products distributed in Australia are fully imported from Kerakoll Italy.

All substrates must be level, cured, undamaged, compact, rigid, resistant, dry and free from any debonding agents and from damp rising. It is good practice to dampen highly absorbent concrete substrates or apply a coat of Primer A Eco. The substrates should be cleaned and prepared in accordance with the relevant standards and as per the Kerakoll’s Technical Data Sheets.
If a screed is required to level the surface for installation, then screeds must be installed in accordance with the relevant building code and respect the relevant Australian Standard.
With any screed ensure the floor is fully dry - the residual moisture level should be less than 0.5%.
Movement joints should be detailed on working drawings by the engineer and should be strictly adhered to.

BioGel Revolution Adhesive should also be applied to the back of the Terrazzo (back-buttering). To ensure good adhesion, apply a thin coat of the adhesive with the straight edge of the trowel. Immediately follow this with a layer of adhesive at the correct thickness using a suitable notched trowel.
#Bonding in accordance with Australian Standards tiles sizes, larger tiles require the installation method of “back buttering” the tiles when installing. This method incorporates a thin coat of adhesive to the entire back of the tile and then laying onto the adhesive bed. This ensures 100% coverage of the tile to achieve maximum bond. This becomes particularly important for HIGH TRAFFIC areas such as shopping centres, airports where the use trolleys, scissor lifts or similar is expected

Place the terrazzo tile firmly into position with a slight twisting motion / tapping, to ensure good contact coverage is achieved. It is recommended that once the first tile is laid, it should then be removed to assess the coverage. If it is acceptable, then continue, if it is not acceptable, reassess the trowel used and the application technique.
Create elastic expansion joints:
- ≈ 10 m2 in external applications,
- ≈ 25 m2 in internal applications,
- every 8 metres in long, narrow applications.
- Respect all structural, fractionizing and perimeter joints present in the substrates.Kerakoll

Joint width of your installation must be specified to ensure the final installation meets not only the aesthetic intent but also a set standard. When specifying terrazzo tiles we recommend in accordance with Australian Standards.

Fugabella Eco Porcelana 0-5 or Fugabella Color
Fill the joints completely with the grout using the appropriate trowel or rubber float, ensuring the joints are completely compacted with no unevenness. Remove excess grout while still fresh from the surface of the terrazzo by moving the float diagonally across the joints. It is suggested to carry out a 1 m2 sample area for approval by the architect.

For more information our detailed specifications and technical data cover the preparation of substrates, waterproofing membrane, screeding, adhesive, grout, and silicone systems can be found online at


Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set Adhesive is a multi-purpose, flexible, structural gel adhesive. It features longer workability with accelerated adhesion for bonding all types of materials, on any substrate, for any use, even in extreme conditions. Sets in 3 hours, ready for grouting.
Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set is water and frost resistant, and suitable for areas that may be subjected to movement and/or vibration.
Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set Adhesive also features a thixotropic and fluid consistency whilst retaining a long open time and excellent shape memory. It performs equally well in both high and low thicknesses, and does not suffer from shrinkage. Kerakoll BioGel Revolution Rapid Set also has excellent non-slip properties as well as being able to fully wet the back of terrazzo when laying.

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 Kerakoll BioGel Revolution is suitable for the following substrates, materials and applications:


  • Existing Tiles
  • Waterproofing Products
  • Heating Systems
  • Cement-Based Screeds
  • Concrete
  • Plasterboard
  • Fibro-Cement Slabs
  • Brick
  • Plasters/Renders
  • Thermal Insulation Panelling Systems
  • Insulating Panels
  • Impact Noise Insulation
  • Timber
  • Metal
  • PVC


  • Adhesive and Finishing
  • Floors and Walls
  • For Internal Use – External Overlaying
  • Terraces and Balconies
  • Facades
  • Swimming Pools and Fountains
  • Saunas and Spa
  • Domestic
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Street Furniture


  • Porcelain Tiles
  • Laminated Stoneware
  • Low Thickness Slabs
  • Ceramic Tiles
  • Large Formats 300×150 cm Slabs
  • Marble – Natural Stone
  • Terrazzo as supplied by Surface Gallery
  • Recomposed Materials
  • Glass Mosaics
  • Glass Tiles
  • Thermal And Acoustic Insulation
  • Terracotta – Klinker