Please note that we provide the Slip Rating classifications as a guide, based on a slip test report - as we have no information as to the ultimate environment in which these tiles will be laid. We are not responsible for the suitability of these tiles for the environment in which they are laid.

These tiles may achieve an acceptable rating in a laboratory test, however it is quite possible that the performance in-situ will be less than expected due to unforeseen circumstances, such as grouting, wear and tear, or build up of residue. Variables such as floor levels, water, oil and other contaminants affecting tiles are beyond the control of the supplier.

These results are therefore to be seen as a guide to estimate the merits of one tile verses the other. Please refer to the Australian Standards (Table 3), which indicates locations that correspond to the relevant Pendulum and/or Ramp ratings.

We note that if these results have a value that may appear acceptable, the results must not be interpreted that Surface Gallery Pty Ltd will provide any liability against damages for slipping on tiles.

You should at all times provide information to your clients that all floor tiles can be slippery, especially when wet. Many tiles which can be slippery when wet are commonly used in wet areas, such as bathrooms and kitchens.

All customers should be aware of wet tiles, and seek advice from the relevant consultants as to the level of slip-resistance of any particular tile and its suitability for the intended application, as no liability can be accepted for personal injury or accidents arising from slipping or falling, under any circumstances.