"This apartment on the 3rd level of a 1970’s block, with spectacular views of the Opera House and Harbour Bridge, was in original condition with two small bathrooms, a tiny WC and small laundry and a closed in kitchen. The priority was re-allocating space, by opening up the kitchen to the living/dining room; creating a spacious en-suite from the two small bathrooms and re-designing the WC and laundry to improve the guest experience whilst retaining the laundry facility.

The clients’ brief was to create a comfortable yet sophisticated apartment with contrast and texture. It should have a familiar, lived-in interior despite this not being their primary residence. We designed a textured framework for the spectacular view echoing the hues of the harbour beyond. Light now flows into South facing spaces reflected by crisp white walls and ceilings whilst balanced by blocks of colour on Eastern walls, opening tight spaces to light and logic." - Hare + Klein

Hare + Klein Design Team: Meryl Hare + Victoria Cybulski