"Inner-city Potts Point is a dense active locality. The 10 Wylde Street apartments replace an existing building and maintain the form and scale of the street. From the harbour edge, the building presents a glazed, horizontally articulated volume. From Wylde Street, the building has a masonry character, following the tradition of surrounding 19th- and 20th-century apartment buildings. This street facade ‘twists’ to allow the ground floor to align with the street edge, while providing a landscape buffer. The narrow footprint of the building allows cross-flow ventilation and solar access to all apartments.

Communal and private landscaping captures view corridors while the building form is articulated to maintain adjoining neighbours harbour views. All apartments have large private open space, some with landscaped courtyards, others with large balconies. The building aesthetic makes reference to the architectural heritage of the vicinity delivering a contemporary interpretation of the local vernacular." - Richards Stanisich