Surface Gallery + Style Timber @ SID 2023

Last Saturday we celebrated Saturday Indesign 2023 in our Collingwood showroom partnering with Style Timber Floor.

We were thrilled to be working with the Hot Black Design Team, led by Sophie Safran who together created a spectacular installation for ‘The Project’ for this year's Saturday Indesign theme - Utopias.
Working with the Hot Black team throughout the lead up to the main event was such a great experience to see their creativity in action!
The installation by Hot Black played on the two sides of Utopia vs Dystopia in a take on both sides of reality.

We were so proud to have Hames Sharley director, Sonja Duric, share her fascinating research on neurodiversity and creating environments that holistically cater to the senses. Duric is part of a team behind a research project – The Working Brain – which focuses on mental health and neurodiversity in the built environment. Sonja has spent many years researching the topic and her talk about Designing for Sensory Wellbeing was fascinating.
You can read more about the research in this link https://theworkingbrain.net